What can I do if my DAB radio does not work?

  • Check at a neighbor whether it works there
  • Try to optimize the antenna and also change the location of the radio
  • Switch off recently switched on electrical devices (because possible sources of interference, such as PC, WLAN, light, power supplies, control systems, electrical devices)
  • Separate the radio from electricity (or remove batteries) and switch it on after about a minute
  • Perform a new automatic search on the radio
  • Possibly carry out a "reset" on the radio to  factory settings (attention: all previous list and settings will be  deleted) and start a new search
  • For more information, call the support number of the RAS at 0471 546688 or write an e-mail to support@ras.bz.it. We're here to help!
Which DAB programs can I receive in south Tyrol?

At www.ras.bz.it/radio you can view almost all recivable DAB programs.

What does DAB mean?

DAB stands for “Digital Audio Broadcasting”. It is the new radio standard, that is going to supersede the analog FM one, that has been used for over 90 years. 

Which frequency ranges do DAB use?

In Europe the frequencies are from 174,928 MHz to 239,200 MHz, correspondingly the blocks from 5A to 13F in the VHF-Band (Band III). The RAS-DAB programs can be received on blocks 10B (at 211.648 MHz) and 10D (at 215.072 MHz). Information on this is also available at: www.ras.bz.it/radio



Can you also receive DAB in the car?

Yes, wherever there is a DAB signal and a suitable DAB reception system in the car.

Does my car radio automatically switch to analog FM if there is no DAB signal?

Yes, provided that the program is available on an alternative frequency. In this case the car radio automatically - with the PI (Programm Identification) - switches to another DAB-Block or to FM broadcasting. On some devices you can to activate o disactivate the switching manually.

Can I receive DAB programs even through my home antenna?

Yes, provided that your antenna is suitable and if it covers the necessary frequency range.

Which datarate do the DAB programs of RAS have?

You can find the current data rates at https://www.ras.bz.it/en/radio/dab-technology/

Can I receive the DAB programs of RAS everywhere?

Related maps to the served areas can be found at https://www.ras.bz.it/en/radio/supplied-areas/


Which advantages do DAB programs have compared to analog radio FM?

  • A larger and more varied program offer
  • No noise, crackling and popping when receiving
  • Audio near CD-quality sound
  • Additional multimedia services such as text, data and images
  • EPG (Electronic Program Guide)
  • Increased ease of use
  • Dolby Sourround in DAB+
  • Automatic software updates
  • Best energy efficiency (the new „Green Radio“)
  • One receiving channel in the whole receiving area (when transmitting in SFN). This means frequency savings.
  • Interactivity in DAB+: additional services can be selectively chosen.
  • Ready for internet integration in DAB+
  • Significant energetic cost savings for the operator
  • Significant reduction in CO2 emissions
Which are the additional services in DAB?

With DAB+ the transmitting radio programs can incorporate additional services in their program. We usually distinguish between program-related additional information (PAD, Program Associated Data) and program-independent additional information (NPAD). Here there are some examples:

  • Album Cover (SLS)
  • Song Title (DLS/DLS+)
  • Artist (DLS/DLS+)
  • Presenter (DLS/DLS+)
  • Studio Guests (DLS/DLS+)
  • Sport results tables (Journaline)
  • Weather maps (Journaline)
  • Financial reports (Journaline)
  • Exchange rates(Journaline)
  • Emergency calls and search services (Announcements)
  • Short news and headlines (Journaline)
  • Purchase and download of music files (BWS)
  • Advertising pool with direct sale possibility (BWS)
  • Advanced traffic information for navigation systems (TPEG)
  • Program information, including the possibility of televoting (Radio VIS)
  • Slideshows with individually sent images (SLS)
Which audio encodings do DAB use?

 DAB+ uses MPEG 2 HE AAC v2 codec.

Are there quality differences in the DAB receivers?

Yes, large differences in input sensitivity and program stability have been noted.

When is it likely that analog FM radio will be switched off in Italy?

There is currently no date for this.

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