RAS is broadcasting the following Programs in all of South Tyrol


Program Standard Coverage [%] TX - Sites
Ö 1 FM 99,1 42
Ö 3 FM 99,1 43
ORF - Radio Tirol FM 99,1 43
Radio Rumantsch FM 12,0 9
RAI Radio 1 DAB+ 99,1 48
Rai Radio 2 DAB+ 99,1 48
Rai Radio 3 DAB+ 99,1 48
Rai Südtirol DAB+ 99,1 48
Bayern 3 DAB+ 99,1 48
BR Klassik DAB+ 99,1 48
BR24 DAB+ 99,1 48
Deutschlandfunk Kultur DAB+ 99,1 48
Die Maus DAB+ 99,1 48
RSI Rete 2 DAB+ 99,1 48
Swiss Classic DAB+ 99,1 48
Swiss POP DAB+ 99,1 48
Ö 1 DAB+ 99,1 48
ORF - Radio Tirol DAB+ 99,1 48
Ö 3 DAB+ 99,1 48
FM4 DAB+ 99,1 48
Bayern 1 DAB+ 99,1 48
Bayern 2 DAB+ 99,1 48
BR Heimat DAB+ 99,1 48
Radio Rumantsch DAB+ 99,1 48
Swiss Jazz DAB+ 99,1 48
Deutschlandfunk Nova DAB+ 99,1 48


RAS is also broadcasting further programs over DAB


Program Standard Coverage [%] TX - Sites
Die Antenne DAB+ 96,9 35
ERF Südtirol DAB+ 96,9 35
Radio 2000 DAB+ 96,9 35
Radio 80 DAB DAB+ 96,9 35
Radio Dolomiti DAB+ 96,9 35
Radio Edelweiß DAB+ 96,9 35
Radio Gherdeina DAB+ 96,9 35
Radio Grüne Welle DAB+ 96,9 35
Radio Holiday DAB+ 96,9 35
Radio Maria Südtirol DAB+ 96,9 35
Radio Sacra Famiglia DAB+ 96,9 35
Radio Tirol DAB+ 96,9 35
Stadtradio Meran DAB+ 96,9 35
Südtirol 1 DAB+ 96,9 35

FM broadcasting

RAS broadcasts the radio programs Ö1, ORF-Radio Tirol and Ö3 through FM broadcast. In the Ladin-speaking valleys and in upper Vinschgau RAS transmits also Radio Rumantsch.

The beginnings of digital radio in South Tyrol (DAB)

The RAS has implemented the digital standard DAB within the DAB pilot project South Tyrol, commissioned by the Autonomous Province of South Tyrol and in cooperation with RAI, Bayrischer Rundfunk, and the Ministry of Communications in 1997 in South Tyrol.

Digital Radio (DAB/DAB+) – Programs

There are 16 radio programs and 4 RAI programs transmitted by the RAS broadcasting center. RAS also broadcasts 13 South Tyrolean private radio stations in digital standard. Currently you can receive more than 55 radio stations in all of South Tyrol and other 11 radio stations in the area of Bolzano, Überetsch and Unterland. RAS is still broadcasting 8 radio programs in DAB standard. All remaining programs are transmitted in the new standard DAB+. The youngest program is BR-Heimat, that was launched on 15th June 2015.

The new playout

Why do we begin to turn off FM-sites with the start of 2017?

RAS operates a really dense FM-net. Since this net is really cost-intensive, we will turn off those sites where only we are on air. The remaining programs like RAI Südtirol or some private station are already receivable from sites further away. In the future this will be the case for  OE1, ORF Radio Tirol and Ö3 too. They can still be listened to on FM , even if with a slight quality reduction. In this zones the advantages  of DAB can be really enjoyed : better quality and larger program choice

Radio programs receivable on channel 10B “RAS1-DAB” in all of South Tyrol

Radio programs receivable on channel 10D “RAS2-DAB” in all of South Tyrol

Radio programs receivable on channel 10C “DABMedia” in all of South Tyrol

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