Our programs

RAS is broadcasting 18 TV programs in all of South Tyrol.

Ensemble RAS1-DVB mainly on channel 34 in standard quality


LCN 89


LCN 90


LCN 87


LCN 91


LCN 92


LCN 95

Ensemble RAS2-DVB mainly on channel 51 in standard quality

Logo SRF1

LCN 93

Logo SRF zwei

LCN 94

Logo BR

LCN 96

Logo KiKa

LCN 97

Logo arte

LCN 98

Logo RSI La1

LCN 99

Ensemble RAS3-DVB mainly on channel 27 in HD


LCN 514


LCN 515


LCN 516

Ensemble RAS4-DVB mainly on channel 59 in HD


LCN 511


LCN 512

Logo DasErsteHD

LCN 513

Our transmissive network

On the following map  you can see the supplied zones of our ensembles. In the orange-marked areas the TV programs are transferred on the assigned channels 34, 51, 27 and 59, while in the localities Brenner and Campill (blue-marked areas) they are still transmitted on other channels.

Reached population

ProgramSupplyTransmission stations
ORF1 HD, ORF2 HD, Das Erste HD99,5%114
SRF1 HD, SRF2 HD, ZDF HD99,5%114
ORF1, ORF2, ORFIII, Das Erste, ZDF, 3sat99,5%114
SRF1, SRFzwei, BR, Kika, arte, RSI La199,5%114

Assigned frequencies – channels

In manual scan mode the TV channel or the appropriate frequency must be specified. Here is the list with the frequency of each digital TV channel.

BandFrequency (kHz)Channel
VHF Band III1775005
VHF Band III1845006
VHF Band III1915007
VHF Band III1985008
VHF Band III2055009
VHF Band III21950011
UHF Band IV/V47400021
UHF Band IV/V48200022
UHF Band IV/V49000023
UHF Band IV/V49800024
UHF Band IV/V50600025
UHF Band IV/V51400026
UHF Band IV/V52200027
UHF Band IV/V53000028
UHF Band IV/V53800029
UHF Band IV/V54600030
UHF Band IV/V55400031
UHF Band IV/V56200032
UHF Band IV/V57000033
UHF Band IV/V57800034
UHF Band IV/V58600035
UHF Band IV/V59400036
UHF Band IV/V60200037
UHF Band IV/V61000038
UHF Band IV/V61800039
UHF Band IV/V62600040
UHF Band IV/V63400041
UHF Band IV/V64200042
UHF Band IV/V65000043
UHF Band IV/V65800044
UHF Band IV/V66600045
UHF Band IV/V67400046
UHF Band IV/V68200047
UHF Band IV/V69000048
UHF Band IV/V69800049
UHF Band IV/V70600050
UHF Band IV/V71400051
UHF Band IV/V72200052
UHF Band IV/V73000053
UHF Band IV/V73800054
UHF Band IV/V74600055
UHF Band IV/V75400056
UHF Band IV/V76200057
UHF Band IV/V77000058
UHF Band IV/V77800059
UHF Band IV/V78600060

Last edited on 21 11 2016