L’ultima edizione di RADIOWORLD presenta l’impianto Plan Corones della RAS

BOLZANO, Italy — While it is common for a transmitter site to be located on the top of a mountain, it’s less common for one to be found underground. The Plan de Corones transmitting site is just that –located underground. It is situated on the eponymous mountain plateau in the Italian province of South Tyrol in the Alps, an area that once hosted many small lattice towers for TV, radio, telephony and emergency rescue services. From the RF planning point of view, the Plan de Corones site benefits from a strategic location and can easily serve the more than 25,000 people living in the surrounding valleys. SINGLE SITE At first glance, located 2,265 meters (7,430 feet) above sea level with some 100 assorted antennas covering one 80-meter (260-foot) mast and no building in sight, one might imagine that they are seeing a high-altitude monument to broadcasting. `About 20 years ago, the South Tyrol Council envisioned a single, high-end, transmitting facility to group together each existing separate transmitting location,` said Daniel Largher, civil infrastructure manager at RAS, which stands for Radiotelevisione Azienda Speciale (Rundfunk-Anstalt Südtirol in German), South Tyrol’s public service broadcaster. A view of the nearly completed Plan de Corones site showing the enormous tower. The idea was to offer to any operator hosting services at a competitive rate, according to a publicly available price list, and to streamline operation while reducing the impact on the site’s surroundings. The first step was to select a popular tourism location and get feedback from the market about this prospective project. The council chose Masi della Muta, near Merano, where more than 30 small lattices were spread throughout the petite plateau. In 1996 it then commissioned the RAS to design and construct a transmission facility to be shared among the various operators. The Plan de Corones site is so carefully designed and built, including RF coverage and operation reliability, that most operators in the area found the new site to be a better alternative to any of the existing `basic` individual sites. `The new site proved that a publicly-owned entity could hit the mark. Now at Masi della Muta there is just one transmitter site, and the environmental impact has been greatly reduced. Cooling, UPSes and security systems are shared as well, thus ensuring a high quality of service for each operator at a fraction of the cost of corresponding individually-run systems,` Largher said. Plan de Corones Tower as of Late Summer 2013 `In about 20 years we have built nearly 60 shared sites

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