Radio DAB+

Digital Radio DAB+ will be the standard on all italian radio devices

It’s a new milestone for the DAB+ standard!

From january first 2020, following italian law #55 from june 6 2019, all the resellers in Italy have to make sure that all selled radios are DAB+ capable.  This law applies also to new automobiles, which have to be factory-equipped with a DAB+ compliant radio system.


The law excludes devices used by radio amateurs, mobile phones and devices which primary function is not radio reception.


During 2020 10% of the sales are exempted from this law, as many of the resellers have non DAB+ -compliant devices on stock. We encourage everyone, when buying a new radio receiver, to verify if it is DAB+ comaptible.


From december 21 2020 this DAB+ obligation will be effective for every new car sold in the EU.


The DAB+ standard enables the broadcasting of radio programs with the best available quality and without interferences. This makes DAB+ the best way to listen to radio in mobility. Furthermore broadcasters are able to widen their program variety, as compared to the old analog FM-standard, more programs per frequency can be put on air. In addition DAB+ enables reception of additional data services like traffic news, weather and news headlines.


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