Radio DAB+

 RAS is switching from DAB to DAB+


Crystal clear sound both at home and on the road using DAB+

On january 31st 2017 RAS is going to switch all digital radio programmes from the DAB – standard to the new DAB+ – standard. For the consumer this means more audio quality, improved reception and even more radio stations (up to 70 stations). Customers which already own a DAB+ comliant device can continue to use the device. Older DAB-devices will not be able to receive any digital radio stations after the switch.

Cease of DAB and DAB+ Multicast

Since 2008 RAS is transmitting digital radio stations in both DAB and DAB+ standards. Now, 20 years after the birth of digital radio transmission, RAS will completely switch to the transmission in DAB+. This switchover is due to government requirement. At this time RAS is transmitting 13 digital radio stations accoording to DAB+ and another nine stations using the older DAB standard (RAI Südtirol, Bayern 3, BR Klassik, B5 aktuell, Ö1, ORF Radio Tirol, Ö3, FM4, Swiss Jazz). Those 9 stations from january 31st on will be sent according to DAB+ only.

Can my device receive DAB+?

To check if your device is able to receive DAB+, tune in one of the digital radio stations which is already airing in this format (like Bayern 1+, BR Heimat or Swiss Classic). If you can listen to those stations, your device is ready to receive DAB+. If on the other hand you’re only able to see the station name, but do not hear any sound, your device is not able to receive DAB+. All customers who own those devices shoud check with the radio supplier if the device can be updated to DAB+.

FM transmissions to be continued

There will be no changes in FM transmission. Older DAB- devices will continue to receive FM radio. In the future DAB+ will completely replace analog FM transmission. By the end of 2017 RAS is planning to shut down the first minor FM transmitter stations. With the rise of DAB+ on the customer side more and more FM transmitter stations will be shut down.

To receive all the new programs you have to retune your device

On january 31st you will have to retune your DAB+ device in order to receive all the stations. A retune is typically done by executing an “Autotune” or “Scan” on your device. Some devices may need to be restored to factory settings.

Further questions

Answers to all your further questions are available using or the telephone number 0471 546666.

Last edited on 17 08 2018