Firefighters exercise in Fennberg/Favogna

The Fennberg/Favogna broadcast facility of RAS has been the theater of the exercise of the volunteers firefighters of Penon/Penone, Fennberg/Favogna, Kurtatsch/Cortaccia and Graun/Curon. Under the guide of Captain Urban Stanghier of Penon/Penone, 65 firefighters and a RAS worker simulated a fire of the broadcasting facility near the woods, the firefighters not only had to tame the fire in the faciliy and the adjacent woods using two water pipelines of the length of, respectively 1.200 and 500 meters. The simulation also included the rescue of a RAS worker, at a height of 15 meters on the broadcasting tower. The exercise let all the persons involved really satisfied, pointing out the quality of the firefighters work.

Last edited on 29 07 2016